Served with Rice,beans & tortillas / Servido con arroz,frijoles y tortillas.

Huevos a la Mexicana $7.69+tax
Scrambled eggs with bell,pepper,
onion and tomatoes.

Huevos con Machaca $9.49+tax
Scrambled eggs shredded beef,
onions,bell peppers and tomatoes.

Huevos Rancheros $8.99+tax
Over easy eggs over corn tortilla,
with pork in green sauce.

Veggie Omelettes $5.99+tax
Eggs Tomatoes,cheese,
bell peppers and Avocado.

Huevos con chorizo $7.99+tax
Scrambled eggs with Mexican,
sauce and potatoes.

Chilaquiles con Huevos $8.99+tax.
Chilaquiles con Asada $10.99+tax.
Chilaquiles con Chorizo $10.99+tax
Chilaquiles con Jamon $10.69+tax


Caldo del Dia 
Res $10.59+tax
Pollo $8.99+tax
salsa,cilantro and onions.

Menudo ó Pozole $10.19+tax
Consome de Barbacoa $9.99+tax
(Sat and Sun Only)
Server with tortillas
salsa,cilantro and onions.

A la Carte

Guacamole $4.99+tax
Rice or Beans $2.29+tax
Sour Cream $0.99+tax
Fries/Papas fritas $3.99+tax
Tortillas (10 Corn or 4 flour) $1.19+tax

Enchiladas Red or green
Cheese $2.49+tax
Chicken $2.99+tax
Beef $2.99+tax
Shrimp $2.99+tax

Chile Relleno $4.99+tax.
Sope $3.69+tax.
Taquitos(beef or Chicken)(3) $5.49+tax


Choice of meat : Asada,Chicken,Pastor,Carnitas,Tongue,Chorizo & Buche.

Burrito Garcia $8.29+tax
cheese and hot sauce (choice of meat)

Burrito Mojado(Wet) $9.89+tax
Beans,rice,sour cream,cilantro,onions,
cheese and hot sauce (choice of meat).

All Meat Burrito (1/2LB) $10.99+tax
cilantro,onions,cheese and
hot sauce (choice of meat).

Chile relleno Burrito $7.39+tax
Bean,Cheese & rice burrito $5.99+tax
Burrito de Camaron $9.99+tax
cheese,avocado & chipottle
Burrito de Pescado $9.49+tax
cheese,avocado & chipottle


With onions,cilantro and salsa

Taco Suave(Soft) $2.04+tax
 Chorizo and Buche.

Taco Dorado(Hard) $2.39+tax
Choice of Chicken or beef
 Lettuce,Tomatoe & cheese

Fish Taco $3.45+tax
Grilled or Breaded Tilapia,Lettuce,
 Tomatoes,sour cream & chipotle sauce.

Shrimp Taco $3.85+tax
Grilled or Breaded Shrimp,Lettuce,
 Tomatoes,sour cream & chipotle sauce.


Choice of meat : Asada,Chicken,Pastor,Carnitas,Tongue,Chorizo & Buche.

Torta $9.49+tax
sour cream & mayo ( choice of meat)

Torta Cubana $10.49+tax
Milanesa,Ham & Cheese
Torta Alemana $9.89+tax
Ham,chorizo & white Cheese

Torta de Milanesa $9.99+tax
sour cream & mayo.

Bad Girl Torta combo $10.99+tax
Pierna(pork),chicken breast,Ham swiss cheese
and chedar cheese. served with friesand soda


Nachos Garcia $8.99+tax
Beans,cheese,sour cream,
and guacamole ( choice of meat)

Nachos Fries $9.29+tax
Fries,Meat,cheese,sour cream,
and guacamole.


Served with beans,rice or green salad.
Servido con frijoles ,arroz o ensalada verde.

2 Tacos & 1 Enchilada $10.99+tax
3 Enchiladas $10.99
Red or Green.cheese or chicken.

Carnitas Plate $9.99+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad.

1 chile relleno $9.49+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad

3 Taquitos $8.49+tax
Chicken or Beef,cheese,
sour cream and guacamole.

Steak Plate $12.99+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad.

2 chiles relleno $11.49+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad

2 Sopes Home made $7.99+tax
sour cream (choice of meat)

Steak Ranchero $12.99+tax
Onions,Tomatoes,Bell peppers,
and mild sauce.

1 Taquito,1 enchilada y 1 chile relleno $12.49+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad.

Chile Verde $11.29+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad.

Bell peppers,tomatoes & Onions
Steak $12.99

Chicken $11.49
Shrimp $12.99

Milanesa Plate $11.99+tax
Chicken or Beef,Fries
salad & rice.

1 Taquito,1 enchilada y 1 cheese quesadilla $11.59+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad.

3 Tacos Suaves $8.99+tax
Served with beans,
rice or green salad.


* Served with beans,rice & Tortillas.
* Servido con frijoles ,arroz y Tortillas.

Fried Fish $12.29+tax
Mojarra frita w/beans,
rice or salad

Camarones Empanizados $11.49+tax
Breaded Shrimp

Camarones Rancheros $12.99+tax
Onions,Bell peppers,
& mild sauce.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo $11.99+tax
Garlic,onion sauce.

Camarones a la Diabla $12.99+tax
Hot Sauce.

Filete de Pescado $12.99+tax
Grilled tilapia filet

Tacos de mariscos

Fish Tacos $3.45+tax
Grilled tilapia,lettuce,tomatoes and sauce

Shrimp Tacos $3.85+tax
Grilled shrimp,lettuce,tomatoes and sauce

Tostadas & cocktails

Tostada de Camaron $5.99+tax
Cocktail de Camaron $13.09

Burritos de mariscos

Burrito de Camaron $9.99+tax
Rice,beans,lettuce,tomatoes,cheese & avocado.
Burrito de Pescado $9.49+tax
Rice,beans,lettuce,tomatoes,cheese & avocado


Hamburguer $4.99+tax
mayo & ketchup.

Cheeseburguer $7.99+tax
onions,mayo & ketchup

Avocado cheese burguer $7.99+tax
Bacon cheese burguer $7.99+tax


Served with Lettuce,cheese,avocado
Tomatoes,cucumber & lime.

Chicken Breast $6.99+tax
Shrimp $8.99
Steak $8.49+tax
Taco salad $6.49
cheese and guacamole ( choice of meat )

Family Meal Deals

Paquete Family # 1 $18.99+tax
1 LB Barbacoa
salsa & consome.
( SAT & SUN )
( Only Sat & Sun ).

Paquete Family # 2 $79.99+tax
1 Lb  Asada
1 lb Pollo
1 Lb Carnitas
1 Lb Pastor
32 OZ Size Beans
32 OZ Size Rice
1 Bag of chips
3 cheese Quesadilla

Salsa & tortillas
( Every day ).

Paquete Family # 3 $17.99+tax
1LB Carnitas ,Asada o Al Pastor Combo
Rice,Beans & salsa 8 OZ.

Paquete Family # 4 $12.99+tax
1 Lb Carnitas Asada o al Pastor Sola.
1 DOZ Tortillas
8 Oz Salsa


Bottled water $1.99+tax
Fountain Drinks ( coke,diet coke,sprite,fanta,Dr Pepper )
small $1.89+tax
Large $2.29
Aguas Frescas ( Jamaica,Horchata,Tamarindo ) 
small $2.69+tax
Large $3.49+tax
Refill $0.99c 
Mexican Sodas 1/2 LIT $2.99+tax
Jarritos,sangria,sidral $2.69+tax